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The Right Mindset For The Golf Beginner

A very important mindset for the golf beginner to establish is that learning the game of golf or probably more precisely, learning how to execute the golf swing is at best an ongoing process. As a beginning golfer you must come to peace with the idea that creating and building (or even rebuilding) your golf swing is a step by step Ė phase by phase process. And getting your golf swing

to repeat itself on a reasonably consistent basis that produces reasonably consistent results cannot be accomplished with a couple token lessons and a few buckets of golf ballsÖ then off to the course. 

One of the biggest (and probably the most frustrating) mistakes that someone who is beginning golf makes it their desire to get to the course and play. Now, donít get me wrong. Playing golf and enjoying all the various golf courses isnít reserved for only those who play well. Keep this in the context of someone whose goal it is to learn golf and/or play better golf and is willing to make a commitment to do so.

Once you begin down the road of learning how to play golf (learn the basics of the golf swing) you should have the expectation that your learning curve and subsequent results will progress in levels or plateaus, and that getting from one level to the next is directly related to the amount of practice time you spend reinforcing each new skill and movement within the golf swing itself.  

As your golf swing and your ball striking continue to improve through repetition and practice of the skills being taught to you, you will undoubtedly run across the phenomena of being able to execute your golf swing and produce reasonable results (relative to your expectations) on the driving range, but when you head off the course there seems to be a different person standing over the golf ball. Not to worry, or get overly frustrated and think youíre never going to learn the game. This is simply one of those levels or plateaus that I have previously mentioned. Getting your game to follow you from the driving range to the golf course can be a bit challenging and sometimes hard on the olí confidence. Be persistent. Continue to practice quality repetitions and you will get there. 

As a beginning golfer  you should think of your endeavor of leaning the wonderful game of golf as a lifelong project no matter when you get started.

Play Good Golf!

Jeff O'Brien


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junior golf

The Number One Source For Junior Golf is the Junior Golf Warehouse. Junior golf clubs, junior golf clothes and junior golf accessories is what Junior Golf Warehouse is all about. This website was developed after spending 4 years operating one of the largest junior golf tours in the southeast, The National Junior Golf Club. The Junior Golf Warehouse website is an excellent source anything you need for your junior golfer no matter what their age. And they carry both right and left handed golf equipment.

Junior Golf Warehouse is the exclusive online retailer of the finest junior golf apparel, made by Firethorn, an established brand
in the golf industry and currently worn by several players on the PGA tour. Unlike most junior apparel, Firethorn is made strictly
for the game of golf - and at the Jr. Golf Warehouse, you can find the full line. Everything from stylish and durable polos, to quality
wind shirts and 100% waterproof rain gear.


junior golf clubs

Pinemeadow Nitrix Junior Golf Set for Ages 10-14 - If you are thinking about introducing a junior golfer to the game this set is perfect for players between the ages of 10-14. The woods and irons are built with custom matched Pinemeadow NRG graphite shafts that are lightweight yet durable enough for junior golfers. All the clubs are built and designed with easy to hit characteristics making it simple for the new player to pick up the game. Set includes a 330cc driver with a large face to improve ball contact and distance. In addition the 3 wood replaces the 3 iron because it is hard for the junior golfer (actually all golfers) to hit the lower lofted irons when first learning the game. Both clubs have higher than usual lofts and come with headcovers to protect the finish on the woods. The four irons that come with the set are the 5 7 9 and SW are perfectly gapped so they have the right clubs for every type of shot. They are designed with an oversize club face and wide sole to create a lower center of gravity for higher trajectory and more accurate shots. The Tour blade putter is also included with a line on the top of the putter to help line up putts. The Tour Series Jr. Stand bag has a dual strap 8 pockets and a 3 way top making it easy for the to be able to tote their clubs around the course.


junior golf clubs - cobra


Designed to promote higher trajectory for longer carry distance and forgiving performance off the tee or from the fairway, the lightweight Cobra SZ Junior sets promote a naturally faster, smoother swing, resulting in longer distance, more confidence and greater enjoyment.  The set compositions of the Cobra SZ Junior sets are unique based upon the size of the golfer and performance requirements of each size category.


junior golf - girls golf set


For today's younger golfers, there's nothing quite as cool as looking like a grown up, be it mom, dad, or a favorite Tour player. The all new Wilson Staff Junior equipment series delivers exactly that with sets designed specifically for younger swings. Complemented by premium accessories, the Wilson Staff junior line is the best way to get them started.




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