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Best Golf Training Aids Ė You

Really... the game of golf should be so simple. Golf, the game you can enjoy for a lifetime.  But if youíre struggling with your golf game and your golf swing, looking at the prospect of playing golf for a lifetime may seem more like a sentence than a vacation. Look, you know there are all kinds of golf training aids out there. Many of them are very useful and if used prudently will lower your golf score. will hopefully help you as you navigate around. But, letís be frank. The best golf practice aid for you is you.  

There is no amount of money spent on golf instruction that is going to by default suddenly improve your golf game. If this were the case, my game would be impeccable and all the millionaires would be scratch golfers! So you see the common denominator is you. Golf is like any other activity. The more consistent time you are willing to spend on improving your golf game the more your game will improve. And only you can determine this. golf training 01

Of course the standard approach to playing better golf is to seek out and take some lessons. Getting some qualified golf instruction is a good place to start. Starting out on the right track with a good understanding of the golf swing and the physics of it will help you to begin to develop the right muscle groups for the golf swing and your balance. Once you have an understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, then itís time to practice. Donít take on too much information early on. I canít emphasize this enough. Get a basic understanding of the golf swing then work to reproduce the swing consistently. By this I mean donít worry about different golf shots, drawing, fading, hooking, or slicing the golf ball. Donít worry about what club does what. Focus on the reproduction of the swing.  

Get your swing to a good comfort level by developing the proper muscles used in the golf swing. There are many great strength and flexibility exercises you can do. Golf exercises are very, very important. Donít put a high value on results early on. Learn just the swing. Get your body comfortable with the golf swing. Not golf shots. The shots will come with a consistent swing. 

Even now, when I am not getting the results I want from my game, I get back to the swing. Not the clubs, not the golf shot. I work to get comfortable and confident with my swing. The irony is that I work to get my swing back to where I am not thinking about my golf swing when I am standing over the shot. I want to know the swing is there, so I can then focus on the specific shot.

If you'd like some help from some of golf's greatest, players and instructors such as  Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, and many more.  Simply choose your favorite from this fabulous list of Golf Instructors!

Also, take some time to look around the website. We have many helpful articles on many aspects of the golf game both physical and mental, and for all levels. But remember, the best golf training aids start and end with you.

Play Good Golf!

Jeff O'Brien


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improve your golf

Easy Golf Instruction  - Learn the secrets of the pros and lower your handicap instantly.  Like you, I am always trying to improve my game and reach my highest potential. If you plan to play your best golf ever this year, you may be surprised how easy it can be. 

My good friend Jack Moorehouse is considered one of the best golf guru's in the country and heís here to help you with his best-selling golf ebook, "How to Break 80...And Shoot Like the Pros." 

I have talked him into not raising the price of his book as he stated he would, so I want you to hurry and get this gem while itís still half price.  Itís jam-packed with easy and simple golf drills, strategies and advice that will quickly improve your distance, accuracy and handicap.


golf training

Play Better Golf - Believe me you don't have to be muscular and have that young person's limber lower lumbar region to hit consistent long and straight golf shots. You just need to make you golf swing more efficient. In other words achieve maximum club head speed with minimum effort and energy demanded from your body. There are only 3 things you need to know to make this happen. 3 simple secrets revealed to you in Swing Machine Golf

My favorite aspect of this book is that it doesn't give you so many things to think about that you actually achieve paralysis by analysis. When this happens as a result of a lesson or instruction that you have had,  many times a golfer will just give up or go back to their old swing mechanics and continue with their frustration.  This is a great book no matter what level of golfer you are. You will find improvement and a better understanding of your golf swing in this excellent instructional book.

tiger woods how i play

TIGER WOODS HOW I PLAY GOLF - BOOK by Tiger Woods with the editors of Golf Digest

How I Play Golf offers an intimate view of both Tiger's game - mental and physical - and his unique personality on and off the course. He reveals how he learned the game backward - from green to tee. He clearly, methodically analyzes every aspect of the sport, from lining up a putt to following through on a tee shot, from choosing the right club to keeping his focus after a bad shot.

With hundreds of brilliant photos, Tiger uses a frame-by-frame approach to explain his golf fundamentals, examining his personal intricacies of grip, stance, ball position, balance, rhythm, and routine. Indeed this book may be the ultimate golf lesson. Great instruction for all ages and abilities. Put this one on your shelf and refer to it often.  


golf practice

End Your Frustration.  Be the longest hitter in your foursome!  If you're tired of the results you're getting on the course...don't worry. It's about to change...right now!  This IS your missing link to a great game! You can finally look forward to a consistent golf swing...with explosive power!

  • Quickly improve your power and driving distance with easy to use golf fitness and golf exercise programs for the entire year. Each golf fitness program is based on your current level of golf fitness, has a video demonstration of every movement, AND also step-by-step instructions.
  • Dramatically improve your back swing with our quick and easy Total Body Flexibility For Golf Program that can be done in less than 15 minutes. You'll have a picture and step-by-step instructions for EVERY golf exercise and stretch in this "specialized golf system", making it virtually impossible to do them incorrectly.
  • Transform your game with our all-encompassing total golf training section. Gain immediate access to cutting-edge information on driving distance, accuracy, consistency, mental golf, putting, scoring, injuries, golf equipment and more.


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